Name: Dino Cavallone
Age: 22(Present) | 32(TYL)
Status: Normal

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@solitary-skylark | Schooled

It had been years since Dino last stepped foot into the hallways of an educational institution, and this was his first time in a public one. He had attended private school all his life alongside other heirs of old Italian money, and organized crime families, and it was a far cry from the environment of Namimori. Here, emphasis was placed on grades, athletic ability, and likeable personalities, rather than money or who your family got a hit on last night. Here, students greeted him cheerfully, faces bright with admiration, rather than disdain, jealousy, or challenge. It was a refreshing change, and even better, Dino knew he’d be in close proximity to his favorite student.


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I’d cut myself touching your chin))
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“… I could just ask the baby if I wanted to. And also your habit of keeping your hamper beside clean clothes is unsanitary.”

"Kyouya, Kyouya. Babies wear diapers. And I’ll move my hamper just so that you may have some peace of mind, all right?”

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“…If I needed a pair of boxers, I wouldn’t ask you to give me yours.
And you should place your hamper close to or in your bathroom next time, not in your closet.”

"Heh, what if you were in need of a pair of Italian boxers? Who would you go to for that, huh? As long as you don’t come stumbling into my room for my underwear, it shouldn’t matter where I keep my hamper.”

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I was dared to steal your undergarments.

Though, I don’t intend to keep such thing.


"If there’s a lesson to be learned from this," Because Dino was all about imparting life lessons, "It’s that backing down from a challenge doesn’t necessarily mean losing. Though you succeeded in this case, I’d say things came out unfavorably for you. Next time you need a pair of boxers, just ask. I won’t tell."

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solitary-skylark replied to your post: //he did just not steal a pair of your boxers as he goes running away//

//throws them back// Why were they in your closet if they weren’t washed. //judging you.//

"They were in the hamper. You must’ve reached in there by mistake. What were you even doing in my closet?”

solitary-skylark sent: //he did just not steal a pair of your boxers as he goes running away//

"Kyouya, come back! Those haven’t been washed yet!